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AmdZ - Personal website of Ahmad Azizi | سایت شخصی احمد عزیزی I'm Ahmad Azizi, an Online Service Developer currently living in Tehran, Iran. My interests range from photography to technology. I am also interested in travel, innovation, and gardening. If you've searched for "Ahmad Azizi" and landed to this webpage, you should be informed that this website (and my other websites) does not belong or have any relation with Ahmad Azizi poet. This website belongs to a different identity, and by the time I'm receiving messages from people who have confused me with "Ahmad Azizi Poet", "Ahmad Azizi politician", "Dr. Ahmad Azizi" and some other Ahmad Azizis in the world. Anyway, if you were not looking for any of the persons above, hopefully you're on the right place! That's me! All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. --Walt Disney The perceived complexity of a task will expand to the time allot to it. --Parkinson's Law  There are Lots of ideas, rules, points, laws and favorite quotes that